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Wax Ecstatic! BSR-BUNDLE1

Includes every single piece of BSR wax to date that is still in print. We'll also throw in some extras! The BSR abacus tells us that you'd save $50.00 plus shipping by sweeping this into your collection in one fell swoop!


Kid Icarus - American Ghosts
Shy Mirrors - Sailed Blanks
Graham Repulski - My Color Is Red 7"
Point Reyes - Golden
The Appleseed Cast - Low Level Owl 1 & 2
Norwegian Arms - Wolf Like A Stray Dog
Shy Mirrors - Negative Collector
Graham Repulski - Cop Art
Norwegian Arms - Jitterbug 7"
Psalmships - I Sleep Alone LP + 7"
The Appleseed Cast - Lost Songs

Not Included

Bombadil - All That The Rain Promises (sold out!)

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